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Central Valley Manufacturing Ltd. ("CVR" or the "Company") has established itself as an emerging player in a growing worldwide marketplace for precision manufacturing through the development and marketing of its unique and proprietary products. CVR is a holding company, which owns or controls three subsidiaries.

The first subsidiary, "Central Valley Radiators" is the Company's initial development business. The Company honed and redefined the quality boundaries for industrial radiators for use in heavy machinery and generators in remote regions. The radiator division manufactures radiators to services manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, John Deer, Detroit Diesel, Perkins Guascar and Wakisha. In fact CVR has been named an OEM supplier for Mitsubishi's heavy equipment division.

The second sudsidiary, "Central Valley Hydroponics" was formed when the owner, Mr. Dan Nelson, put the same attention to detail and precision into manufacturing of hydroponic components. In just a few short years, with a basic marketing and sales program, concentrated locally in the lower mainland of BC, Central Valley Hydroponics achieves top sales.
The third subsidiary, "Central Valley Greenhouse Corp." was initially founded to develope a number of solutions to the design and manufacture of greenhouses. Once again the same attention to precision, detail and quality construction was employed during a research and development phase to create a prototype greenhouse. This resulted in the Company being named the exclusive manufacturer of the galvanized steel components for Nelson Greenhouse Technologies Inc. The Company has entered into a manufacturing and general contracting agreement as well as a Joint Venture (JV) agreement with NGTI.