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"Your One Shop for State of the Art Growing Equipment"
Central Valley Manufacturing Ltd. has established itself as an emerging player in a growing worldwide marketplace for precision manufacturing through the development and marketing of its unique and proprietary products.

The appeal and demand for the company's products has been growing at a rapid pace as a result of CVR's products meeting several important needs of customers including:
  • Precise, affordable, durable and guaranteed products;
  • Customer-tested and proven effectiveness in heavy usage applications of each of CVR's products;
  • Allows companies the comfort of knowing that theyhave met and exceeded the accepted industry standards by using CVR products;
  • Alternative products (box lot/Wal-Mart styled parts and component sellers) simply do not offer same consistency or benefits; and
  • CVR does not carry any of the negatives associated with these alternative products (i.e. No warranty, No service and No support/back up).
The company is now embarking on an aggresive growth plan to significantly increase penetration into several key markets, which have all demonstrated strong initial acceptance of the Company's products. In doing so CVR has effectively been able to leverage its core technology in developing different product configurations designed to meet the specific needs of each of these key markets. This has also provided the Company with the ability to establish, and in effect "brand" itself as the "standard".